Thursday, 29 April 2010

Rain Stopped Play.

I've been working on this project now for 10 days, and so far the weather has been kind to me.... that is until today! I've had a great run at drawing and painting, but alas rain has now stopped play. Looks like i could be rained off until next week! I was on a proper roll aswell, and could have done with a few more dry days in order to complete the whole thing!

Here's a little update then to let you see how the dragons are progressing. The first one above the garage is nearly completed, just got a few things to touch up on it now. This one goes around onto the back of the house, which i've started painting too. It's been a bit of a ball ache having to climb up and down the scaffold to see what i've been doing!

I've now started to paint the second dragon on the other side of the house. This one is a lot bigger, probably about 35ft! You can see it creeping over the trees from up on the hill behind the house, gonna look ace when it's finished! Will probably set a few tongues wagging within the dog walking community too! I'll post up some more photos as soon as i've finished, and the scaffold's down!

Friday, 16 April 2010

View From The House On The Hill.

I started work yesterday on a mural out at Crows-An-Wra on the way to Lands End. It's a bit of a mammoth task, as i'm painting 2 dragons, 1 either side of the house! The weather has been fantastic, very sunny, but bitterly cold, so i've been up the scaffold wrapped up like bloody Scott of the Antartic! The wind has been blowing a hell of a lot, and it's so far been a hairy experience.

So far, over the 2 days i've managed to draw out the image of 1 dragon on one side of the house, with it's tail and whiskers trailing round on to the back of the house. It's been hard work climbing up and down to the different levels, and getting positioned into the best place for drawing has been a challenge! Progress has been nice and steady, and a random selection of Fugazi, Justin Warfield, Battles, The Fall, Squarepusher, The Beastie Boys, Deftones, Flying Lotus, Autechre and Pop Will Eat Itself on shuffle have been keeping my going in the freezing wind!

So on Monday (weather permitting) it's onto the other side of the house to paint the next creature. Hopefully this won't be as harsh, as the sun comes round to that side of the house from about midday. Bloody lovely view from up there, as you can see from the photo above looking out over the Cornish landscape to St. Buryan. I'm looking forward to the next stage of painting the dragon, and seeing how it takes shape! I'll keep you posted!