Friday, 11 February 2011

My A'th Kar NQY - Second Mural Update.

I went to check out the site for the new My A'th Kar NQY mural on Wednesday, and as you can see from the photo above it's a pretty drab affair! The hoardings that have been erected are to cover up the old derelict bus station, and go all the way around ffom the public toilets to the derelict hotel at the back. There are 87 panels in total, and we're on a mission to paint them all in a week this half term!

Here's a few rough designs of what we're intending to paint on the hoardings. I've tried to keep it as simple and effective as possible, in order for the production of the panels to go as smoothly and as quickly as possible, while working with groups of young people who will be helping us with the process.

Hopefully we can still keep the message that the young people want to convey with this project, just by using the large text to spell out one of the phrases used in the first mural. I'm going to be using the silhouetted figures from the first mural, and the Police Station design too, keeping a theme running throughout the whole project.

I might use the figures as spaces between the words to break up the text, or just randomly insert them within the letters, not sure yet. Got a bit more drawing and designing to do before we actually start painting. Gotta get it right! What ever will appear on these hoardings, it's going to a whole lot brighter than what's already there!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Work In Progress - Lanyon Quoit.

Another work in progress, this time going inland up to Lanyon Quoit, the famous Cornish Quoit on the road from Madron to Morvah. Above is the first sketch on A3 paper, and the following photos are the process of reproducing it onto canvas with Spray Paint, acrylic paint and Posca Pen.

Again, still some more work to be done, i'll keep you posted on it's progress!

My A'th Kar NQY - Second Mural

The My A'th Kar NQY Public Art Project will be entering into it's next phase in the next few weeks, with work on a second mural about to take place in Newquay town centre. We've just scored a major coup in our campaign to blast away all Newquay eyesores. We've managed to secure one of the towns most hated sites, the dirty and dragged down old bus station!

This site is in the process of having hoardings put up all around it, to try and cover up this derelict space. Our job is to now decorate these hoardings with a mural that follows on from the first mural. I've already started working on some preliminary sketches for the design which will incorporate text into it, like the previous mural.

There are a total of 87 panels to transform into a message from the young people of Newquay, about how they feel about the place that they live, and about how they would like visitors and tourists to treat the town. It's going to be a massive team effort from myself and the group of youngsters i've been working with, and also members of the general public who will be donating their time for free to help transform a depressingly derelict area of Newquay!

The idea is to try and create a bright and fun piece of public art, that will carry a message to the general public. At the moment we're looking for a large school or church hall to paint the panels in, which will be then transported to the sight and installed. If there's anyone out there that can help us with such a large space, then get in touch please!

At least on this mural, i won't be having to climb up and down scaffolding, or be outside painting in the snow! It's always nice to be able to creative inside in the warm!

Work in Progress - Lands End Bridge.

Just started work on some new paintings which i'm a little bit excited about! So throughout the whole series of paintings that i'm doing, i will be documenting their progress as they move along to completion. This first one is of a rickety old rope bridge that goes over the sea and cliffs down at Lands End. i've been working on the paintings with Spray Paint, acrylic and Posca Pens. Not finished yet, but there will be more photos as it progresses!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Flash Bulb Ears!

A mate of mine asked me to do some kind of logo for him for his Photography website. I'm kind of in the early stages at the moment, but he wanted to incorporate an eyeball with a camera shutter, so below is what i've been playing around with for starters!

I tried using various parts of the camera, or even different bits of a photographers kit like tripods and umbrellas! It's kind of starting to develop into a character at the moment, but still needs a bit of refining.

Still a way to go yet, gotta get some more feedback from my mate for this last design that kinda looks like a bear! More to follow on this when there's more progress!