Thursday, 25 November 2010

My A'th Kar NQY - Phase Four, 'Back In Action'!

After a 6 week break, i'm 'Back In Action' on the My A'th Kar NQY Public Art Project. Yesterday was my first day back on the mural after being a full time carer for my missus after she had a hip operation. My first day back on the job just so happened to be one of the wettest Newquay has had this year, it was belting it down! Lucky enough, the site is undercover, but this didn't stop the rain from coming in sideways at me!

The main job that needed to be done yesterday, was to start drawing out the figures that will eventually populate the landscape of the mural, and the text that will evoke the voice of the young people of Newquay. I was very surprised to see that there was only one piece of 'unofficial' graffiti which had appeared over the last 6 weeks! Someone had written their name onto the sign post, and didn't really do a very good job of it.

The only other marks on the wall looked like someone had gone to the toilet on it, but upon further inspection found that someone had smashed a bottle of beer against it, which i found out by sitting in the broken glass while i was drawing! So with an ass full of glass, and smelling like a brewery, i proceeded with the drawing that needed to be done.

Everything apart from a couple of figures, is now in place for Saturdays painting session. The group of young people will be painting in the silhouetted figures, and around the text to make it stand out. This is of course weather permitting, as the country seems to be at the mercy of snow at the moment. It's been snowing on and off all day in Cornwall, but none of it has been sticking around by us! I hope people turn up on Saturday, but to be fair, this really isn't the weather to painting murals in!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Delays To The Planned Schedule.

So, the My A'th Kar NQY Public Art Project has had a brief break due to some personal commitments that i had to attend to. I've been looking after my partner Melissa for the last 6 weeks, as she had to have a hip operation. It was pretty heavy surgery on her leg and hip, and i had to be her full time carer and look after. Have a look at the photo of her x-ray below!

I did a little design recently for a Christmas Card Competition for Shelter Box, my submission is below. It was a bit of a rush job, but i kind of like the image!

I've only just recently had chance to sort out my studio space too! I've been in there for about 4 months, but haven't had a chance to unpack things. I had to sort it out last week, as we had a new addition to the space in the shape of top photographer, Adam Gibbard! So the studio has now had all my crap properly unpacked into it and put away!

I'm now ready to get back onto the My A'th Kar NQY project, to take it to the conclusion of Phase 1, with Phase 2 hot on it's heels! We've been given a some wall space at Newquay Police Station to do another mural. I've done a design for it (below), but i think it will need a bit of redesigning, due to the allocated wall!

One problem we're going to encounter, is the fact that the wall space is 3 floors off the ground. The solution will be to produce the art work on large boards away from the site, and then attatch them to the building once finished.

We've got a couple of painting sessions coming up this week on the Burger King mural, in order to get it finished asap. It's going to be a bit nippy, but at least i'll have a warm top lip as i'm growing a moustache for the whole of November for the 'Movember' campaign. It's to help raise awareness about Prostate Cancer in men, and is a very worth will cause. If you feel like donating some money for a good cause while i look a bit creepy, then go here >

Until the next time!