Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Akil The MC / Jurassic 5

My mate Charlie Quinn who has been promoting some great Hip Hop acts in Cornwall lately, asked me to do another poster for one of these big names. This time it was for a gig by Akil the MC who is one fifth of the mighty Jurassic 5. I love doing these posters, and this one was great fun to do. Here's a few photos of how it came about!

My A'th Kar NQY.

So the workshops have been progressing for the My A'th Kar NQY public art project. We've now moved venue to an amazing space at the Chester Road Youth Centre in Newquay. Ideas for designs for murals have been coming thick and fast, and we even have a very possible site to start working on.
We've been developing an idea about using life size silhouettes of people on the wall. There's a whole theme about light and dark and opposites running throught the ideas at the moment. I've been getting the guys to use spray cans and stencils for a quick and easy way of producing ideas as images.
Things seem to be progressing nicely, and we now have a site to work on at Burger King in Newquay on 2 massive walls! Big thanks to James Curtis for all his help and support. More news and photos as things develop.

Private Commission.

I was recently asked to do a private commission for someone, which was to be a present for their partners birthday. They specifically asked for a painting of Godrevy Lighthouse, and if possible, St. Ives Bay too. I managed to squeeze both of these landmarks into the design for the final piece, with a bit of creative license! Here's a series of photos showing it's development.

My A'th Kar NQY.

My A'th Kar NQY is a public art project that i have become involved in over the last few months. My A'th Kar NQY is Cornish for I Love You Newquay, and it is a youth led project aiming to produce murals around Newquay reflecting the feelings of young people in the area.

My involvement in the project is to give workshops to the group and develop their ideas of what they would like to create as pieces of public art. We have been meeting in various locations around Newquay each week, and trying to develop concepts for sites around Newquay.

The guys have decided that they would like to address the issues of under age drinking and lack of respect that some people have when they come to Newquay. They would like to raise the profile of Newquay on a National level as a beautiful place to visit, that doesn't just offer drunken holidays! The project is backed by RIO (Real Ideas Organisation) and being helped by Excess Energy Communications in Newquay.

As the project progresses, there will be more updates about what is happening. A big thank you to the guys at Mount Wise Youth Centre for allowing us to use their space for the first workshops.

SIC Bike Designs.

A friend of mine is starting a custom bike company over in St. Ives, and he's asked me to come up with some designs for a logo for him. I think the plan is for me to custom paint some of the frames that they produce too! Here's some of the logo designs below.

Got some adjustments to do to the one that they want, but i have to wait for Leo to get back from Romania before anything gets finalised.