Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Snap Shots From The Month Of June.

June turned out to be a pretty hectic month! I helped organize an exhibition, moved to a new studio, went on a trip to London (for a 50th Birthday party that involved a boat trip on the Thames!), went to visit an old project a year down the line (The Hendra Mural Project in Truro, which is still looking awesome!), visited some old friends in Derby (congratulations to Phil and Sue Cope on their wedding! Great day, and great to see so many old faces from Uni!), landed a massive Public Art Project in Newquay (My A'th Kar NQY is the name of the project, more blogs to follow!), and managed to squeeze in a bit of work along the way too! Here's a few photos!

A New Studio.... Again!

For the 3rd time in 2 years, i have once again had to move to a new studio space! I bloody hate moving, and it's amazing to see how much shit one person can hoard in such a small period of time! For the first time i have moved out of the centre of Penzance, and got myself a place out in the sticks.

I've not quite finished sorting the space out yet, but it's in some kind of workable order for now. I still need to set up my screen printing equipment, as i've got a couple of jobs lined up to print some t-shirts for a local surf shop and a local club night..... keep 'em peeled! Hopefully i will be able to stay in this place for longer than a year, although i'm going to working on site a lot for a very exciting project in the next 3 0r 4 months.

Lost Luggage at Glastonbury!

If you were at Glastonbury this year, you may have stumbled across a very strange little experience late at night in the Shangri-La area. The Lost Luggage Department was a strange mix of performance and party, thrown together by my good friend Joe Gray. He'd constructed what was supposed to the lost luggage department of a Teleport company, and then proceeded to wreak havoc on the punters at Glasto with mischief and mayhem!

Joe asked me if i could come up with a design for him, which he could use as part of the performance. He'd actually built a teleport unit in the corner of this crazy set up, which they were going to magically transport members of the unsuspecting public to strange new worlds!

He wanted me to come up with some kind of in-flight safety card, similar to that which you get on a plane and are supposed to read before take off. Above is my attempt at such a safety card, depicting probable scenarios that could happen during the duration of your jouney in the Teleport machine! Created with hand drawn images, then touched up in Photoshop.


In the middle of June i was asked to help out with an exhibition in Penzance called ART75. It was an exhibition to celebrate 75 years of Jubilee Pool, the iconic Lido in Penzance. The day was amazing, with 75 artists each showing a piece of work in one of the changing cubicles that line the walls of the pool.

It was a beautiful day, and there were so many people that turned out for a great little exhibition. There were even some synchronized swimming going on too! Above is the piece that i exhibited in the show, called 'This Town Eats It's Young', made with Spray Paint and Posca Pen on A3 paper. Big thanks to Richard Ballinger and Jesse Leroy-Smith for organizing the whole event!