Thursday, 26 March 2009

More Mural Workshop Activity!

The Workshops roll on! As we get closer to our deadline, things are starting to slowly come together. This comes as some relief really, but there is still a hell of a long way to go!
We've kind of got some idea of content and style of how the piece will look. It's quite hard to visualize something so big, when we haven't really nailed down any definite images. But through a bit of coaxing, the guys in the group have given us dribbles of input as to what they'd like to see on the wall.

Wednesdays session helped us develop an idea for how part of the background will look. We had a longer session this time, and it seemed to help the group concentrate for longer and sink their teeth into more of a challenge. As the session's have progressed, the groups skills have developed more and more. Tom (Sutcliffe) has been giving them useful tips in spraycan techniques, and encouraging them to not be afraid of using them. This week we got them to use some great ink markers to do more detailed work over large blocks of colour.

It's really encouraging to see these guys really start to develop these skills, and to see them really enjoying the process of creating! I was beginning to feel like they weren't getting any enjoyment out of the sessions, but it's great to see them pushing themselves more as time goes on. We've had to push them a bit as to what the concept of the wall is going to be, but that's part of our job as artists to help them generatetheir ideas!

We have a Consultation Day coming up on Saturday in the Town Hall in Truro with the local residents to give their thoughts on the project, and to give us some ideas of their own! We've got to show them all of the stuff that we've produced so far, and to get them involved, only to a certain extent! Hopefully we won't get to much negative feed back from them, and hopefully we won't have to rethink the whole thing!

Let's just hope that a few people will turn up! We had an article in the West Briton Newspaper today, with a lovely photo of the group and some of their work behind them. The article was to advertise the fact that we are holding this Consultation Day, and to get people to come along. It's gonna be a long day, but it'll be worth it in the end to help with development of the final piece. You can check out the article here

I've just noticed that they've got mine and Tom's names mixed up! Dunno what it is with the papers down here, they can never seem to get anything right! I am now Tom McIvor and Tom is Mat Sutcliffe, hahaha!

We've got 2 workshops next week, trying to double our output as the deadline looms! Might be able to post up some mock ups of ideas of the whole piece by then too. Check you later!

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