Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Night Club Mural / Dynamite Hip Hop.

I was asked a few weeks ago by my friends Paul and Charlie at Sound Night Club in Penzance, if i would like to have a go at doing some kind of painting in Room 2 of the club. This room is normally used for Dynamite Hip Hop nights, and they wanted a kind of urban feel going on. Initially they wanted something on the front of the bar, and on the front of the new DJ booth that was going to be installed.

My first idea was to do a design that involved a skyline silhoutte of Penzance that went around the front of the bar, and also went around the front of DJ booth (under construction in the photo above!) aswell. The guys wanted to keep the colours of the design in keeping with the colours of the club, ie black, grey and white. The also kind of wanted the design to go from the DJ booth and onto the wall too, so i started to have a go at some ideas which you can see below.

The skyline was now going to go on the wall next to the booth, and carry onto it too! I needed something else, so i decided to use the telegraph poles i used to use in old paintings, and the clouds that i've been doing in recent ones! I then decided i needed to come up with something that was in keeping with the musical connections to the venue, so i had a crack at a stack of old vintage speakers. So now i had the elements for the mural, all i needed to do was make them fit into the space and make it look good! Here's some photos below to show the evolution of the mural.

The design kind of took on a life of it's own, as i took it behind the booth aswell to make it look like the DJ is surrounded by speakers in an urban setting, even though the buildings are based on Penzance! A final touch for the finished mural was to use UV paint in an old school way, to put highlights on the speakers and the windows in the buildings as you can see from the photo below!

Now it just needs me to get some photos of the space in action at the next Dynamite Hip Hop night, which will feature UK Hip Hop artist Jehst! For more details of the gig follow this link Look out for more Dynamite Hip Hop events coming up over the coming months here, including Mystro, Dr. Syntax, Genesis Elijah, and Del The Funky Homosapien, and another possibly major US Hip Hop artist! There'll also be some more artwork from myself to help promote the best Hip Hop promoters in the South West! Big shout outs to Tom Sweetman from 1Step Productions ( who's responsible for getting some of these guys out on tour!

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