Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Yesterday morning, i took full advantage of The Tate St. Ives offer of residents free admission in March. I went along to check out the latest exhibition there, which even my son has seen already! I'm a bit behind with things at the moment, but wanted to check out the work of Dexter Dalwood. His paintings deal with celebrity, historical events and figures either painted or in the shape of some perfectly formed collages.

I'm familiar with this British artists work, but i'd never seen any in the flesh. They were very powerful large canvases, full of energy and colour depicting various moments in history, portraits of creative people, and images of celebrity houses! The first image here is of The Bay Of Pigs, and the one above is of Sharon Tate's Living room. Other paintings represented The Death of David Kelly, Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse, Sid and Nancy's Chelsea Hotel Room, portraits of William Burroughs, Jeff Buckley and Ian Curtis and the Queen's, Bill Gates and Michael Jackson's bedrooms! A very inspirational show all round.

I've just found out that Dan Clowes is set to release a brand new graphic novel called Wilson. Clowes is best known for his cult graphic novel Ghost World, and is a screenwriter and illustrator for The New Yorker. Wilson is about an opinionated, divorced middle-aged loner who loves his dog and quite possibly no one else. After repeated attempts to engage with life he invariably falls back into his own pessimistic hell. Looking forward to this one!

Along the same lines is the Art of Jaime Hernandez book that came out recently, one that i've still yet to get but is at the top of my list. Hernandez is best known for his Love & Rockets comics, and this is a hard back book that documents stuff that has never seen before! File all of the above in inspirational artists!

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