Friday, 5 March 2010

Roof Painting In West Penwith!

Went out to a location in West Penwith today with my mate Jason Sincock. He's doing a job on a house there which involves putting on a new roof. The existing roof has a painting of a Yin & Yang symbol, which apparently caused massive uproar from the locals when it was originally painted about 20 years ago!

Now the woman who owns the building would like it repainted once the new roof has been put on. So we went out there today to size up the job, unfortunately i didn't get to meet the woman who owns the house. Hopefully i'll get to speak to here next week and see if she'll be up for a few little tweaks to the design here and there!

Whatever happens, i just hope that we get the weather in the next 2 weeks so that the roof can be completed, and i can get up there and paint. Hopefully i won't get too distracted by the wonderful view out towards Lands End from the top of the house! Check it out in the photo above, what an amazing day it was today to go out and take photos! Let's hope we don't kick up as much fuss as the last time she had the roof painted!


  1. It's a beautiful weather, indeed. :) The owner of the building has a great idea, Mat. Repainting the Yin & Yang on the roof would definitely beautify their home, you know. You should have taken a complete picture of the Yin & Yang on the roof. I'm really intrigued, you know.

    Roslyn Petermann

  2. Looking at the photo, I can see that the old roof has the Yin & Yang design. I know this post was almost three years ago, and I hope I’ll have an update regarding that design. You see, the Yin & Yang roof became the talk of the town when it was placed there, and I think it will be wise to retain the design to make the house more attractive and a stand out!

    -- Lino Kosters

  3. I definitely agree with these two guys! The Yin & Yang design can have an impact not only on the neighborhood, but also to other people who happen to pass by that area since it is a popular symbol for balance of life. I hope the owner of that home would allow me to have the same design on my new roof. I’m kinda curious how that Yin & Yang theme will look on my new black roof. :)

    -- Kermit Lukacs