Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lost Luggage at Glastonbury!

If you were at Glastonbury this year, you may have stumbled across a very strange little experience late at night in the Shangri-La area. The Lost Luggage Department was a strange mix of performance and party, thrown together by my good friend Joe Gray. He'd constructed what was supposed to the lost luggage department of a Teleport company, and then proceeded to wreak havoc on the punters at Glasto with mischief and mayhem!

Joe asked me if i could come up with a design for him, which he could use as part of the performance. He'd actually built a teleport unit in the corner of this crazy set up, which they were going to magically transport members of the unsuspecting public to strange new worlds!

He wanted me to come up with some kind of in-flight safety card, similar to that which you get on a plane and are supposed to read before take off. Above is my attempt at such a safety card, depicting probable scenarios that could happen during the duration of your jouney in the Teleport machine! Created with hand drawn images, then touched up in Photoshop.

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