Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mazey Day Wall Painting.

Over the Golowan Festival weekend in Penzance, i was asked to help out my friend John Mackenzie to paint a wall, with a group of under 16's that he's been working with recently. John works for Addaction http://www.addaction.org.uk/ which is a UK based drug and alcohol treatment charity. The wall that we were going to paint, was outside the Addaction office in the Green Market Car Park in Penzance. I've worked with John before on other public art projects, and it's always great fun helping the young people translate their ideas onto a larger scale.

John had already been running some workshops with the group to generate ideas, and give them an introduction to some basics in spray painting. Their idea was to paint a large brain, and fill it with words that related to the effects that smoking marajuana has on the brain. We helped them draw the basic outline of the brain and the words a couple of days before the painting day.

On the day of painting, which was on Mazey Day itself, we used the wall around the corner from the brain mural as a public opinion wall. Before the young people arrived to help with painting, we sectioned the other wall up into blocks of colour, so that members of the public could have a go at spraying words about what they thought of the mural. This worked out pretty well, and everybody that had a go at painting really enjoyed themselves, and loved the fact that they were involved in painting a mural. Here's some more photos documenting the days progress.

All in all, everybody involved had a great day, and a bright, fun and colourful piece of work was produced by a very enthusiastic group of young people, and some fantastic members of the public. Big thanks to John Mackenzie, Carol Ashe and everyone else who got involved. Let's see if we can brighten some more walls up around Penzance!


  1. This was a really great project! More people need to give graffiti a good name.

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