Thursday, 23 June 2011

My A'th Kar NQY / Harbour Wall Mural and Viral Advert.

So, next week i start the long process of beginning another massive mural for the My A'th Kar NQY project. We have been commissioned to recreate our ill fated Burger King mural on the bottom part of a wall in Newquay Harbour. Above is a proposal for what the whole wall could look like, if we get funding to carry it on higher.

At the moment, we can only paint up to a certain height, but hopefully we will be able to complete the whole thing including the viewing platforms right at the top. The MAKN trade mark silhouettes will be included in the final design, with them sitting down on the benches so that you can sit next to them or even on them! I was supposed to start preparation of the wall this week, but due to our amazing British summer, it has been rained off.

As a side line to the mural project, MAKN have now branched out into merchandise to help raise awareness for the project, and to help fund more wonderful creative projects like the public art work. I was asked to help the small group of young people who are responsible for this part of the project, to help them develop ideas for a Viral Advert which they hope will help promote their MAKN t-shirts which they have designed.

I spent yesterday morning at the Excess Energy office with this group, developing a storyboard for their advert, which they will then be producing with the IT department at their school. We had a very productive session, which will hopefully help them on their way to advertising their wares.

Hopefully the weather will hold out for next week, as we have yet another mammoth painting session planned! I should have it all white washed and ready to go by then, so that we can start painting in the sun! A big thank you to Rhona @ Excess Energy and Dawn Melville for yesterday's session.

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